Intimate Big Sur Elopement

Intimate Big Sur Elopement at the Hyatt Highlands | Lyza and Pat

As a Big Sur elopement photographer and videographer, my career has been a journey filled with love stories against California’s breathtaking coastal backdrop, and Big Sur’s rugged cliffs, pristine beaches, and majestic coastline are the canvas for couples’ expressions of love. Each elopement I document is unique, but Lyza and Pat’s at the Hyatt Highlands were exceptional as they celebrated nature’s beauty and love’s power. For me, it was deeply personal as it unfolded two days after my twins’ birth.

Join me in the heartwarming narrative of Lyza and Pat’s intimate Big Sur elopement—a symphony of emotions and beauty.


Venue: Carmel Hyatt Highlands

Officiant: Santa Cruz Officiant

Photography & Video: Silver Seas Weddings 

Getting Ready in Carmel Valley:

In the picturesque Carmel Valley, Lyza and Pat chose an Airbnb for their getting-ready moments. The tranquil setting, surrounded by rolling hills and vineyards, was perfect for their love story. As a Big Sur elopement photographer and videographer, I’m familiar with the region’s magic, but Carmel Valley’s charm always captivates me.

During their preparations, Lyza applied her makeup with grace, adding a personal touch to her bridal look, and Pat, the attentive groom, stood by her side, helping her button up her wedding dress. In return, Lyza assisted Pat, ensuring he looked his best. These gestures reflected their love and support, foreshadowing the unity of their marriage.