5 Tips for Amazing Wedding Photos

Our Top 5 Tips For Amazing Wedding Photos

Reflecting on the numerous weddings and elopements I’ve had the privilege of photographing over the years, one lesson stands out: in the early days, I wasn’t fully equipped to guide couples in maximizing the potential of their wedding photos. Initially, my approach was more about offering suggestions and somewhat leaving things to chance. However, my methods have evolved significantly. Nowadays, I proactively engage with couples. We provide them with sample timelines and schedule early meetings to meticulously plan their day. This thorough preparation allows us to deliver wedding photos and videos that not only narrate their unique story but do so in a way that’s creative, authentic, and meaningful. With that, here are 5 tips for amazing wedding photos.

Image of groom crying to show example of an amazing wedding photos

1. Embrace the Engagement Shoot:

Many couples wonder if an engagement session is necessary. Trust us, it’s more than just a series of photos; it’s a rehearsal for your big day! These sessions are a golden opportunity to get familiar with your photographer and their style. It’s a time to identify and work through any quirks – like that adorable ‘fish pucker’ kiss or any posture tweaks. Post-session, we at Silver Seas sit down with you to review these photos, ensuring we know exactly what resonates with you for the wedding day.

Yosemite Engagement Photography of a couple on boulders above the yosemite valley. Half dome and taft toint can be seen in the background.

2. Simplify Your Space:

A clutter-free environment is key for stunning ‘getting ready’ shots. Often, we’ve walked into rooms buzzing with excitement but littered like a storm just passed through. We recommend designating a tidy, well-lit area for these intimate moments. A spot near a window works wonders, providing that soft, natural light that makes your photos pop.

A bridal portrait of Bride that's in a clean unique getting ready space that shows amazing wedding photos

3. Let There Be Light:

Lighting is the magic ingredient in photography. Here are some quick light hacks:

  • Outdoor ceremonies? Keep the sun behind you to avoid harsh shadows and squinting eyes.
  • If possible, opt for shaded areas or a time of day that provides for an even, flattering light.
  • For indoor venues, window light can add a dramatic, yet soft touch to your photos.
  • Plan for sunset portraits. The glow of the golden hour is unparalleled, but remember, every venue’s sunset is unique. Coordinate with your photographer for the perfect timing.

A romantic sunset portrait of a couple at leal vineyards to showcase an example of a couple that prioritized light.

4. Communication is Key for amazing wedding photos:

Regular chats with your photographer are essential. We suggest:

  • Early timeline planning: This helps optimize your photo opportunities throughout the day.
  • A detailed pre-wedding meeting: Two weeks before the big day, we discuss your preferences, review engagement photos, and align on the vision. This meeting is crucial for us to capture your day as you dreamt it.

A groom crying during the first look at Hakone Gardens to show amazing wedding photos.

5. Embrace Authenticity and Let Go:

Your vulnerability is powerful; it allows us to capture genuine, heartfelt moments. Remember, a wedding is a live event – unpredictable and beautifully spontaneous. Letting go of the small hiccups and immersing yourself in the love and joy around you guarantees photos that are not just pictures, but treasured memories.

A couple embrace in the vineyards at Tre Posti to show amazing wedding photos

Your wedding day is a unique narrative, and our goal is to capture it in a way that brings you back to those moments every time you look at your photos. By following these 5 tips for amazing wedding photos, you’re setting the stage for a wedding gallery that’s as timeless and special as your love story. At Silver Seas, we’re excited to embark on this journey with you, providing photos and videos that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.