Fusion Mountain House Estate Wedding

Julie & Reepak’s Fusion Indian-American Wedding at Mountain House Estate

As a Sonoma wedding photographer, there are few places as enchanting as Mountain House Estate. Our team at Silver Seas Weddings had the honor of covering both photo and video for Julie and Reepak’s fusion Indian-American wedding, and we’re excited to share the highlights of their special day with you. Julie and Reepak’s journey with us began in the breathtaking Yosemite National Park for their engagement session, and It was during this memorable adventure that we formed a deep connection and friendship. Reepak proposed to Julie at the Yosemite chapel. This love story would continue to unfold, setting the stage for this wonderful wedding at Mountain House Estate.


Venue: Mountain House Estate

Planner: Extraordinary Weddings & Events

Florist: Fever Blook Co

DJ: The Celebration DJ

Catering: Brass Spatula

HMU: St. James Salon

Bride’s Dress: Dreamers and Lovers

Bridesmaid Dresses: Birdy Grey

Bride’s Rings: James Allen

Groom’s Rings: Wedge Wood Rings

Jewelry: Local Eclectic

Invitations: Minted

Photo & Video: Silver Seas

Why Julie and Reepak chose a Mountain House Estate Wedding:

Julie and Reepak’s choice to have their wedding at Mountain House Estate was rooted in their deep appreciation for the great outdoors and the restorative power of nature. They believe that connecting with nature is not only beneficial for the mind but also nourishing for the soul. The vast outdoor spaces offered by Mountain House Estate immediately captured their hearts, providing an expansive canvas for their celebration. It was the perfect blend of grandeur and coziness, aligning perfectly with their vision of an outdoor wedding. The natural beauty seamlessly merges the love they share, creating lasting memories amid stunning landscapes.

Getting Ready:

The day began with Julie and Reepak eagerly preparing to embark on their journey into married life. Mountain House Estate served as the idyllic backdrop, boasting a serene landscape with a charming pond, majestic redwoods, vintage cars, delightful gardens, and the enchanting Oak Tree Terrace where they’d have their ceremony.

Julie and her bridesmaids shared tender moments, captured in robes, as they hugged and laughed together in front of the house. These robe-clad photos epitomized the bond between Julie and her closest friends, a bond that would carry her through this transformative day.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the estate in the groom’s suite, Reepak prepared for the day in attire that symbolized the fusion of cultures and traditions, bridging his heritage with his love for Julie. He looked dapper in his Sherwani jacket, and you could feel his joyful energy as he waited to see Julie for the first time.