Rodeo Beach Engagement Session

couple kiss during sunset at rodeo beach engagement

Rodeo Beach Engagement Session in the Marin Headlands | Valerie & Chris

As a photographer, I’ve been fortunate enough to capture moments of love in some of the most stunning locations. Valerie and Chris’s engagement session at Rodeo Beach just outside San Francisco in the Marin Headlands, was truly something out of a fairy tale. Nestled just beyond the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, Rodeo Beach offers a serene escape from the city’s hustle, blending the raw beauty of nature with breathtaking views of San Francisco and its famous bridge. It’s a haven for couples seeking that perfect mix of urban and natural backdrops for their engagement photos. For Valerie and Chris, it was the ideal setting to tell their unique love story.

Starting above Rodeo Beach in the Marin Headlands

Our adventure began on the bluffs at Battery Alexander Trail, where the rugged coastline served as the perfect canvas for their love. They wore matching black sweatshirts with “Til Death” and two skeleton hands-locking pinkies, embodying their November wedding theme. Their attire added a personal touch to the shoot, symbolizing their eternal commitment to each other.

A Breathtaking Backdrop at Bonita Point

As we ventured to Bonita Point, the landscape transformed, offering a stunning vista that included the San Francisco skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge. This mesmerizing backdrop perfectly complemented Valerie and Chris’s vision, blending natural beauty with urban elegance.

An Evening of Elegance and Light

The day took a more formal turn as Valerie and Chris changed into elegant black attire, enhancing the dramatic effect of the setting sun’s golden hues. The light cast a glow that seemed to celebrate their love, making for some truly spectacular shots.

Rodeo Beach at Twilight

Our journey concluded on the shores of Rodeo Beach, where the empty beach and the setting sun created an intimate atmosphere. Despite the windy conditions, their joy was palpable as they played in the tide. Their connection made capturing their love story an absolute delight.

Looking Forward

Being part of Valerie and Chris’s engagement session at Rodeo Beach was an honor. Their story, set against the backdrop of San Francisco’s natural beauty, was a photographer’s dream. I am thrilled at the prospect of continuing to document their journey to their “till death” themed wedding in November.

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