Beautiful Wine Country Wedding

Elia & Justin’s Wine Country Wedding at Mountain House Estate

The magic of Mountain House Estate is undeniable. It captures our hearts every time. This venue sits in the wine country. It boasts lush lawns, a picturesque pond, and towering redwoods. The Oak Tree Terrace offers a limitless canvas for love stories. Sunsets kiss the mountains, creating breathtaking backdrops for photos and videos. For us, Napa wedding photographers and videographers, it’s a dream. Returning to this venue was exciting. We were thrilled to deliver a Same Day Edit (SDE) for Elia and Justin’s wedding.


Venue: Mountain House Estate

Wedding Planner: Stacey Goods Events

Florist: Dragonfly Floral

Cake: Frosted

Band: Lucky Devils Band

Catering: Los Tres Chiles

HMU: Whimsy!

Photo & Video: Silver Seas

Our Love for a Mountain House Estate Wedding

Every nook of Mountain House Estate, from its sprawling lawns to the majestic Oak Tree Terrace, provides a perfect scene for unforgettable moments. The natural beauty and the spectacular sunsets over the mountain create a serene and romantic setting. It’s these magical elements that make us fall in love with this venue time and again, highlighting the essence of a true Wine Country wedding.

The Excitement of the Same-Day Edit

For Elia and Justin’s day, excitement buzzed, especially for the Same Day Edit (SDE). Nearby, Jina set up her editing suite. She masterfully orchestrated the edit, showcasing her seasoned expertise. Meanwhile, Elijah constantly ran memory cards to her, ensuring all was ready for the SDE. Together, we aimed to create magic. We wanted to capture Elia and Justin’s love story, making it resonate with everyone at Mountain House Estate.

A Day of Heartfelt Moments at this Wine Country Wedding

From the get-go, the day at Mountain House Estate was filled with heartfelt moments. The first looks in the bridal suite were a whirlwind of emotions, with laughter and tears shared among Elia, her father, brother, and bridesmaids. The private vow exchange beneath the grandeur of the Oak Tree Terrace was a sight to behold, intimate and deeply moving, showcasing the venue’s versatility for any Wine Country wedding.

Golden Hour to Twilight: A Visual Symphony

As the golden hour approached, we captured the couple in the field, the setting sun casting a perfect glow, a moment every Napa wedding photographer dreams of. This was followed by romantic twilight photos near the pond, each moment a testament to their love, further cementing Mountain House Estate as an ideal location for capturing such milestones.

Bringing this Wine Country Wedding to a Close with a Cinematic Premiere

The culmination of our efforts was the airing of the Same Day Edit on a projector we set up, turning the night into a cinematic premiere. The video was a hit, evoking laughter, tears, and an overwhelming sense of joy. It was a beautiful reminder of the day’s magic at Mountain House Estate, a fitting end to a perfect celebration.

Being part of Elia and Justin’s wedding at Mountain House Estate was an absolute joy. The venue’s stunning landscapes, combined with the couple’s undeniable love and the excitement of the Same Day Edit, made for an unforgettable experience. We’re so grateful to have been able to capture these moments and share them in such a special way.

Let’s Create Your Dream Wedding Memories!

Inspired by Elia and Justin’s magical day at Mountain House Estate? If you’re dreaming of a wedding filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories, we’d love to be a part of it. Reach out to us to capture the essence of your special day with the same passion and creativity. Let’s make magic happen together!

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